Adaptivity Enterprises, LLC is an LLC organized in Pennsylvania, founded by Aaron Proietti.
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Adaptivity Enterprises: Inspiring others to thrive amidst accelerating pace of change.

Founder Aaron Proietti’s Story: I committed 17 years of my life to Corporate America, where I developed rich experience that has shaped who I am forever. However, I left Corporate America in 2016 feeling unfulfilled despite “success” in the corporate ranks. I clearly had some other calling. Time spent away from the grind has shown me where my true passions lie: futurism, new technology, innovation, and, most importantly, adaptivity. I’m fascinated by both the pace of change of the world, as well as the way that people, businesses, and systems adapt to (or resist) the change. By blending futuristic outlooks with innovation best practices and adaptive leadership principles, through Adaptivity Enterprises I hope to help others discover new opportunities and activate change.




The core competency for dealing with the everyday, aggressive pace of change.



  • Designing Corporate Innovation Training Program
  • Innovation Process Design & Training


  • Coaching the Director of Corporate Innovation at NewBo.Co


  • Maddock Douglas Fellow

  • Meeting Design and Facilitation, specializing in Innovation Strategy

  • Contributor to Maddock Douglas’ Global Expert Network

Corporate Innovation Leader, Expert and Speaker


  • Back End of Innovation - Las Vegas, 2014

  • Conteneo Innovation Games Summit, 2014

  • Front End of Innovation - Boston, 2017

  • Lincoln Startup Week - Lincoln, 2017


  • Axialent Innovation Leadership Essentials Webinar, 2017


  • Multiple "Resources for Innovators" published in

  • Cited in Dan Taylor’s book The Secrets of Big Business Innovation, 2015

  • InnovationLeader.Com live call: Evolution of Insurance Innovation Program

  • InnovationLeader.Com article: From Skunkworks to True Partner

  • KNect365 Interview, 2017: Q&A with Aaron Proietti


  •’s 24 Most Creative People in Insurance, 2014

Positions Held:

  • Chief Innovation Officer

  • Chief Customer Advocate

  • Head of Marketing Innovation Lab


Blog, Future Proof

Orienting business leaders to where the world is going. Designed to inspire new thinking, innovation, and adaptivity.

Climate Reality Leadership Speaker

Trained in Denver, March-2017

Corporate Innovation Coach & Consultant